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Raised Floor :

Raised flooring is an amazing product that aims to cover a variety of installations, make surface differences, easy access to facilities and design, production and implementation. If you have enough information about this product and have used the raised floor before, to prepare a pre-invoice and purchase in the shortest time ، You can innovate with our colleagues in the fraised floor sales unit Call And in addition to a detailed technical inspection, place the required product.

And if you are planning to use a raised floor for the first time, we recommend that you read the content menteded in this collection or for free consultation with expedition partners Call the false float of the innovators. The variety of products produced by the raised floor factory of the innovators is very high, and each product is designed and manufactured for certain users.

کف کاذب فولادی نوآوران

Raised floor price

The effort of the innovators’ raised floor collection has always been to make the financial issues clear to respectable consumers of products, in order to chant the slogan ( ( what you see، What you pay for )) We put the price offer at the top.
We believe that transparent financial issues can continue to be a sustainable relationship between our customer and our collection.
What is involved in buying and running a raised floor includes the following costs:
Buy a raised floor including a panel and base with a cap and a stirgeon and Stiringer connection screws to the warhead and locking nut in a row.

بزرگ ترین مدل کف کاذب

بزرگ ترین مدل کف کاذب

Raised floor Sarvinel model FD77

With dimensions of 600*1200 mm

سبک ترین مدل کف کاذب

سبک ترین مدل کف کاذب

Raised floor of Sarvinel model FH77

With flooring or carpet cover

با کیفیت ترین مدل کف کاذب

با کیفیت ترین مدل کف کاذب

Raised floor of the Sarvinel model F77

With a constant lifetime warranty on water

ارزان ترین مدل کف کاذب

ارزان ترین مدل کف کاذب

Raised floor model FM77

With a constant lifetime warranty on water

About the raised floor of innovators

We produce raised floors. Maybe you have a question about what this product is؟

It is a structure that is installed on the main floor and creates a difference in surface, this difference in surface can be from 5 cm to 1 meter and 20 cm The space you get is a good place to go and you can access those facilities at any time.. The structure of this product is anti-earthquake and has a very high resistance to traffic and litter. This product has a high anti-water, anti-static and fire resistance،Sound insulation and electrical insulation. This product has a very high variety and a reasonable price. In addition to all these benefits, there is an internal floor heating system that can reduce the heating costs of your floor by up to 70%. This product is 100% Iranian and has a patent It has too.

Raised floor installation prerequisites

Due to the fact that after the implementation of operations such as demolition of the building, cleaning under the raised floor and … By collecting and placing part of the raised floor, we suggest that you need such operations as before the false floor is completed.
The environment in which the raised floor is to be installed is as smooth and balanced as possible, and if the main floor surface is concreted, it is better to perform the existing cementing Be removed.
Remove all construction nails from the false floor installation site and clean the environment several times until the walnut dust is completely removed.
Specify the location of high-weight equipment that requires the construction of a striptease ( You can contact the partners of the design unit of the innovator company in this regard to get a detailed map Offer you the least effect on the small round panel )

Side tools of all types of raised floors

Single cup suction handle
To remove the floor_ lightweight lies such as floor models_ raised steel hollow-floor_ raised wood-floor_ raised aluminum
Two-cup suction handle with automatic guarantor
To remove and move the floor of heavy raised weights such as raised steel floor of Tuper-raised floor of calcium sulfate and…
Raised floor sleeping valve
To create a space for the city’s power outages and emergency electricity and network and telephone and…
Cable outlet valve from the raised floor
To remove and prevent damage to the cover of cables that are connected to the equipment on the surface from under the raised floor.
Raised floor wrench
To adjust the structure of the raised floor system after displacement and changes

Making stairs and ramps:

Raised floor stairs are calculated according to the dimensions of the floor and the ramp is based on square meters.
Side equipment such as types of outlet valves and raised floor blockers are also calculated in a separate row in the invoice.
Costs related to the transportation of goods, which vary according to the location of the project.
Carriage of goods can be sent from the door of the factory located in Iran, Isfahan, or from the warehouses of the company in Tehran or the warehouse of the nearest agency.
Expenses related to Ayab and Zahab and the accommodation of the installer personnel.
As the installation site was outside the areas where the company’s representatives operate, the cost will be announced to the esteemed buyers and calculated.
You can now online and calculate the type of services and peripherals required to run a raised floor with a few simple clicks or to get a pre-invoice with colleagues Contact the sales unit.

دریافت استعلام قیمت

Quick and quick response 00989120063409

Post-installation training:

In this regard, we will state the cases that are taught to users after installation:
The best way to collect in order to access the raised floor and make repairs.
Method of fixing possible bugs caused by repairs and relocations.
How to properly arrange raised floor panels
How to use side tools
How to create equipment stamps and remove part of the raised floor

Raised floor frame

Which includes two categories and are also different in terms of price:

Mechanical frame: Each number is 125 cm long, which is calculated according to the environment of the execution site and is considered numerically in the invoice.
Ordinary frame: Which is considered to be the area of the installation site in meters of length in the invoice.

Raised floor suction handle

According to the selected model of the consumer and the required number in the invoice.
Executive items are also calculated in this way
Raised floor installation, which includes the implementation of the panel-cap and base structure.
The execution of the remote frame is calculated according to the type of frame and height in meters.
The installation of output valves is calculated according to the number and dimensions as well as the output mode.

Check the opening of Verdi doors leading to the installation site:

Check that the requested height does not prevent the doors from opening.
If necessary, by building stairs and ramps, in addition to reviewing the dimensions at the time of ordering, inform our colleagues to consider the required requirements.
Consider a space for the required items.
Consider the risks or potential at the time of installation and place the incendiary material in the installation site or adjacent to the installation site before execution Raised floor inform the head of the executive team.

How to determine the height of a Raised floor ?

The height of the raised floor and its precise calculation are of particular importance so that you can easily do this calculation first to the cases that affect the height of the raised floor I would like to say:
Open the doors leading to the installation site.
Sometimes from the beginning, the raised floor is thought of, and the four sticks of the doors are installed in such a way that they cover the height of the raised floor, and after installation under the door There is no collision with the surface on the raised floor..
If the door is also installed on the main floor surface, we must consider a station to open the door to solve this problem.

Specify the volume of cables and trays required.

Consider the height required to cover the volume of the existing cable and trays.
The equipment to be installed under the raised floor has a height and a few centimeters of space above the equipment.
Check the height of the equipment and the opening of the electrical panels and racks at the installation site.
Consider the height from the surface of the raised floor to below the main ceiling or the false ceiling and check the height obtained.
The minimum height of the raised floor after execution will be 10 cm, in some models this height will increase to 17 cm.
If you need to run a ramp or ladder, check the required space with the available dimensions of the raised floor installation site.

You can now calculate the height of the raised floor and contact us to purchase….

Raised floor resistance

Different models of raised floors have different resistors depending on the type of material and the infrastructure structure, but it should be noted that each environment requires a certain resistance
Increasing resistance is achieved along with increasing consumption and the structure and form of raised floors .
Raised floor steel understanding of the thickness of the steel sheets is used, and the type of mold design, as well as the veto of the veto, creates different resistances.
In the raised aluminum floor, the grading and alloy quality affect the raised floor resistance
The number of fins, as well as their state and thickness, are directly related to the raised floor resistance.
The type of device and its performance when injecting aluminum into the mold affect the unconventional quality and non-fragility of the product.
In the raised wood floor model, the resistance of materials and materials used, as well as the quality of presses at the time of production, are directly related to the quality and resistance of the product
In models that use natural materials such as stone, the resistors are generally calculated, due to the natural possibility of stone, there is a possibility of compound defects in these models.
The amount of resistance required for raised floors in different environments:

Raised floor of office buildings:

The office environment of the treadmills and equipment is generally considered. The point pressure for the office helium environment is generally considered to be up to 150 kg and 250 kg of extensive pressure.
If heavy equipment is used to remove the pressure on the raised floor system, the pressure applied to the main floor can be transferred by making a striptease.
In such environments, in addition to the degree of resistance, the resistance of the final surface of the raised floor panel to traffic is of particular importance.

Raised floor of the server room:

In the server room, due to the possibility of repairs or changes and modernization of equipment, the issues of raised floor resistance are a little different.
In addition to traffic resistance, the weight of equipment such as emergency power devices or ups should be considered.
The raised floor of data centers is one of the special products, and the generalities of this product can be fully studied on the page prepared in this regard.
The raised floor resistance used for data centers requires 450 kg of point and 900 kg of pressure.
This resistance is the same for similar centers such as the airport care tower – control room – archive room – clean room and.
The resistance of the raised floor varies slightly for the spaces of the electricity industry.

Raised floor in the electricity room.

In these rooms, large industrial plants, in addition to the items mentioned about the server room ، The use of mobile cranes for technical services of the panels is also considered to be 600 kg for the point pressure for such an environment and 1200 kg wide It is needed. Click here for more information on the raised floor for the electrical industry…

You can contact our experienced experts to avoid paying extra to choose the right model of flooring based on the use of your desired environment and enjoy free and specialized advice experience.

The best-selling raised floor products

Due to the fact that countries have a variety of climates, the consumption of raised floors in different regions is quite different .

For example, a raised floor that can be installed in a dry area is not applicable in humid climates.

However, with the investigations and requests made in the plans of government organizations, the raised aluminum floor is first raised.

Sometimes, with the help of specialized advice, the requested model changes at the time of ordering and ends up ordering the raised floor of the Sarvinel.

Advantages of Sarvinel Raised Floor:

Sarvinel Raised Floor .With unique capabilities such as anti-static properties and high traffic resistance and line and dryness and 100% moisture resistance، It mostly attracts the attention of respected consumers.
In general, Sarvinel Raised Floor Models – Tupar Steel Raised Floor with H.p.l Raised Steel Floor with Flooring and Anti-Static Yenil have high sales ratings..

For technical information and product order, you can order the most suitable product with the highest quality at the same time as receiving the advice. Contact us.

Common mistakes in choosing a raised floor

The common mistakes recorded in our company’s systems indicate that different models and material applications used in different products are not known.

Generally, the locations that require the use of raised floors are pre-designed and the type of materials used in the project is specified.

Users or project executives also order the product according to the pre-prepared plan.

Sometimes the products considered in the design are quite smart and in accordance with the conditions, but most of the designs, regardless of the weather conditions – type of flooring – type of material Original and… included in the design .

Since buying and installing raised floors involves costs, the wrong choice of model can lead the organization’s capital to a wrong choice that will soon lead to a re-cost To drive.

The sex of the panel and the infrastructure of the raised floor are very different:

Sometimes the most expensive products in the weather conditions of the project do not respond positively. This should be done according to the weather conditions of the place of raised floor and

The amount of pressure and usage of the desired location, as well as the floor or the final cover, was compatible with the conditions when choosing the desired product.

With an experienced and capable team for the best and most professional selection of raised floors, we are by your side with a call to increase the ability of our team.

Common errors in installing raised floors:

Installing this product is very important.

When all models are the most suitable or, in other words, the best model of selection and purchase, the correct installation and the basic installation will be the soleifier of this need.

Given that it is generally possible for different people to install important installation operations, there are sometimes errors that, in addition to inflicting financial losses, also cause casualties.

Leave the installation of raised floors to specialists…

A professional installer must have the skills to weld and use tools such as the -meter-gonia level correctly.

Our recommendations for the installation of raised floor principles:

Never screw the base of the floor to the ground – bolts or glue.

Never twist the stylists around the system around the frame.

Never use a base instead of a remote frame.

Never allow people to move when installing the floor system.

Use a suction tool to move the panels.

Do high quality and strong frame welding and stretching.

At altitudes above 120 cm, use the reinforcement components of the substructure system.

Tools needed to install raised floors

To implement this product in principle, we will need the following tool:

Welding inverter:

To perform remote frame welding operations – to build equipment structure structures and create stairs and ramps

Profile cutting machine :

For possible cutting of raised floor system bases and sterilizers, as well as cutting the frame for execution

Laser level:

Laser level device is used to create a perfectly flat and high quality line

Raised floor panel cutting machine:

Cutting panels is a must-have that is used according to the geometric dimensions and shape, as well as the dimensional coefficient of the panels.

Raised floor suction panel:

This equipment is placed on the panel like a handle. The loan provides for the removal of the vacuum cleaner or the contract of the panel on the structure.

The suction device or suction handle comes in a variety of designs and models with different powers.

Dear customers, in addition to receiving free advice on each product selection – installation or purchase, you can contact our colleagues…

Raised floor installation training

Installing a raised floor is a combination of various work operations. Installation skills can increase efficiency and reduce the cost to some extent.

In addition to providing floor installation services, the Innovation Company, along with its capable executive staff, has trained in the principles of raised floor installation.

The fake floor installer has a relatively good income and can be used as a full-time job. We produce the best products and give honest advice and professional training in raised floor installation.

Contact our colleagues to enroll in raised floor installers.

Raised floor representation of innovators in your country:

Innovators are a reputable brand in the field of production. Our company has international certificates on production and after-sales service.

It has always been easy for us to access our products. Currently, the distribution and generality network of raised floor innovators is expanding and completing around the world

is. The generality of selling the false floor of the innovators returns after the necessary training and the accuracy of active performance .You can get the desired general information with a call

And experience the pleasure of a direct connection.

All prices are provided under the full supervision of the head office.

The Innovation Company has full supervision over its sales network to protect the interests of consumers

Generalize the sale of raised floor innovators:

Kian Innovation Company is a stable link to complete the Veto Distribution Sales Network of its products around the world.

Contact our colleagues at the company’s representative office for more information on the general conditions of selling raised floor of innovators.

n the field of sales, – performance and after-sales service are granted to eligible teams

Sales Training Courses – Technical Training Courses in Raised Floor – Training Courses in Different Environments and Different Models – Training Courses Provide Professional Services Products … are continuously offered by Innovators for sales worldwide.

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